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Sample Skincare 5ml

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ALL skincare care is Medical Grade

Gluten-Free,  Silicone-Free,  Paraben-Free,  Cruelty-Free,  Vegan, and Sulfate-Free 


 Hydrating facial moisturizer

Nutrient-rich, Hydrating


Hydrating Facial Cream Turns back time for skin
Maximum results from incredible ingredients
A most potent combination of available Brightening agents
Rejuvenating and moisturizing
Smooth, soft, and plump
Youthful, healthy, & hydrating


 Stem Cell Eye Cream

Antioxidant, Nourish, Youthful


Stem Cell Eye Cream
Promotes cellular turnover
Hydrates & rejuvenates the eye area
Combats multiple signs of aging and turns back time for skin
Maximum results from incredible ingredients
A most potent combination available


 Ageless Retinol Cream 

Resurfacing, Restoring, Youthful


Retinol Night Cream
Reduces fine lines
Resurfaces & smooths skin
Promotes radiant & youthful appearance


Morning Glow Facial Cleanser


  • Extremely gentle skin exfoliant
  • Creates luminescent & glowing skin
  • Evens skin tone & reduces pore’s appearance

Glycolic Acid is an irreplaceable ingredient for any skincare routine. It loosens dead skin cells and helps reveal the healthy dermis underneath. It’s also great at helping stimulate the collagen and elastin in the area it’s applied. Add to this,  Cucumber Extract for use as a super-food for your skin, Seaweed Extract which is packed with your skin’s favorite vitamins and minerals, plus Citrus Extract to balance your skin’s pH, and you get one of the best facial cleansers you could ever use on your skin.


Microdermabrasion Scrub

 Exfoliates, Softens, Brightens


Aloe Microdermabrasion
Rejuvenating & moisturizing
Smooth, soft, & firm
Youthful, healthy, & radiant.


Skin & Hair Balm

Softens, Hydrates, Shapes hair


Hair & Beard Balm
Softens & hydrates hair
Promotes healthy growth
Controls, shapes, & tames unruly hair


Tee Tree & Biotin All in 1

Clarifies, Cleanses, Moisturizes


Beard Builder
Promotes thick & full facial hair
Gently cleanses while powerfully moisturizing
Soothes skin


Buttered Kandy body butter

Mineral-rich, Moisturizing


Body Butter
Absorbs quickly
Deep hydration
Protective barrier